Paulina Oliva

Publications and Forthcoming
  • “Implications of Climate Change for Children in Developing Countries,” Chapter Requested for the Future of Children Issue on Climate Change, with Rema Hanna (forthcoming May 2016)

Working Papers

Online Appendix
  • “Air Pollution and Labor Supply in Lima”, with Fernando Aragón and Juan José Miranda
  • “After the Payments Stopped: The Persistent Effects of Payments for Environmental
    Services in Zambia”, with Kelsey Jack
  • “Air Pollution and Pro-Cyclical Mortality: Causal Evidence from Thermal Inversions”, with Daniel Hicks and Patrick Marsh
Work in Progress

  • “Estimating the Demand for Air Pollution Information in Mexico City”, with Rema Hanna and Daniel Velez Lopez
  • “The Decision to Participate: The Role of Influence and Cost in Stakeholder Participation in the Formation of the Public Policy”, with Sara Sutherland