Working Papers

Lockdowns and Innovation: Evidence from the 1918 Flu Pandemic
(with E. Berkes, R. Gaetani, J. Lin, and C. Severen)

The Private and External Costs of Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out
(with S. Jarvis and A. Jha)

Weather and Death in India: Implications for Climate Change
(with R. Burgess, D. Donaldson, and M. Greenstone)

Selected Publications

Quasi-Experimental Methods in Environmental Economics: Opportunities and Challenges
(with Kyle Meng)
Handbook of Environmental Economics, Volume 4: 285-332

A Forward Looking Ricardian Approach: Do Land Markets Capitalize Climate Change Forecasts?
(with Christopher Severen and Christopher Costello),
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 89: 235-254 Paper

Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program and Ozone Reductions
(with Michael Greenstone and Joseph Shapiro),
American Economic Review, 107(10): 2958-2989 Paper

Agricultural Pesticide Use and Adverse Birth Outcomes in the San Joaquin Valley of California
(with Ashley Larsen and Steven Gaines),
Nature Communications, 8, Article Number 302 Paper

Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in the U.S. Temperature-Mortality Relationship Over the 20th Century
(with Alan Barreca, Karen Clay, Michel Greenstone and Joseph Shapiro),
Journal of Political Economy, 124(1): 105-159, February 2016 Paper

Convergence in Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from High Temperatures and Mortality, 1900-2004
(with A. Barreca, K. Clay, M. Greenstone and J. Shapiro),
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 105(5): 247-51, May 2015 Paper

Temperature, Human Health, and Adaptation: A Review of the Empirical Literature,
Energy Economics, 46: 609-619, November 2014 Paper

The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Output and Random Fluctuations in Weather: Reply
(with Michael Greenstone), American Economic Review, 102(7): 3761-3773, December 2012 Paper Online Appendix Supplementary Appendix Data

Status and Solutions for the World's Unassessed Fisheries
(with Christopher Costello, Daniel Ovando, Ray Hilborn, Steven Gaines and Sarah Lester), Science, 338, 517-520, October 26 2012 Paper Supplementary Online Materials

Climate Policy and Labor Markets
in The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy, Edited by Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram, University of Chicago Press, 2012 Paper

Climate Change, Mortality, and Adaptation: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather in the U.S.
(with Michael Greenstone), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 3(4): 152-185, October 2011 Paper

Extreme Weather Events, Mortality and Migration
(with Enrico Moretti), Review of Economics and Statistics, 91(4): 659-681, November 2009 Paper

Climate Change and Birth Weight
(with Michael Greenstone and Jonathan Guryan),
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 99(2): 211-217, May 2009 Paper

 The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Output and Random Fluctuations in Weather
(with Michael Greenstone), American Economic Review, 97(1): 354-385, March 2007 Paper Appendix

The Long-Term Impact of Military Service on Health: Evidence from World War II and Korea Veterans
(with Kelly Bedard), American Economic Review 96(1): 176-194, March 2006 Paper Data Data for Tables 7 and 8

Sex Preferences, Marital Dissolution and the Economic Status of Women
(with Kelly Bedard), Journal of Human Resources 40: 411-434, Spring 2005 Paper

Do Unemployment Insurance Claimants Actively Seek Work? Evidence from Randomized Trial in Four U.S. States
(with Orley Ashenfelter and David Ashmore), Journal of Econometrics 125(1): 53-75, 2005 Paper

Unpublished Papers

Unobserved Ability, Comparative Advantage and the Rising Return to Education in the United States 1979-2002