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UCSB Econometrics Research Group
Led by Douglas G. Steigerwald

Department of Economics
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
About the Group

The UCSB econometrics lab group is a working community of doctoral students and professors engaged in research related to economics and empirical methods. The group meets on a weekly basis to provide ongoing feedback and support for both students and faculty as they progress in their projects.

The range of topics covered in the econometrics lab group is vast. Topics include NAFTA and its effect on maize price volatility, labor market conditions during parollee releases and recidivism, cooperative mechanisms for transboundary fisheries, empirical methods for estimating impacts of social interactions, and more .

The econometrics research group is led by professor Doug Steigerwald who began the group in 2004. Professor Dick Startz joined the group in 2011.

The research group also engages in different extra-curricular activities each quarter to strengthen relationships and have fun together.

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