Journal of Monetary Economics, October 2020

Green Table of Contents

Volume 114



A model of slow recoveries from financial crises

    Albert Queralto

    Pages 1-25

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Firm performance and macro forecast accuracy

    Mari Tanaka, Nicholas Bloom, Joel M. David, Maiko Koga

    Pages 26-41

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The role of learning for asset prices and business cycles

    Fabian Winkler

    Pages 42-58

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Price dispersion and inflation: New facts and theoretical implications

    Viacheslav Sheremirov

    Pages 59-70

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Global spillover effects of US uncertainty

    Saroj Bhattarai, Arpita Chatterjee, Woong Yong Park

    Pages 71-89

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The New Keynesian cross

    Florin O. Bilbiie

    Pages 90-108

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Why do fiscal multipliers depend on fiscal Positions?

    Raju Huidrom, M. Ayhan Kose, Jamus J. Lim, Franziska L. Ohnsorge

    Pages 109-125

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Job creation in tight and slack labor markets

    Lukas Buchheim, Martin Watzinger, Matthias Wilhelm

    Pages 126-143

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Dynamic tax externalities and the U.S. fiscal transformation

    Martín Gonzalez-Eiras, Dirk Niepelt

    Pages 144-158

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Monetary policy shocks from the consumer perspective

    Edda Claus, Viet Hoang Nguyen

    Pages 159-173

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Asymmetric inflation expectations, downward rigidity of wages, and asymmetric business cycles

    David Rezza Baqaee

    Pages 174-193

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Time-consistent consumption taxation

    Sarolta Laczó, Raffaele Rossi

    Pages 194-220

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Capital-market consequences of asymmetric output-price rigidities

    Jin Xie

    Pages 221-239

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The Great Depression and the Great Recession: A view from financial markets

    Francesco Bianchi

    Pages 240-261

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Dynamic effects of monetary policy shocks on macroeconomic volatility

    Haroon Mumtaz, Konstantinos Theodoridis

    Pages 262-282

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Is the IT revolution over? An asset pricing view

    Colin Ward

    Pages 283-316

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Rules-based monetary policy and the threat of indeterminacy when trend inflation is low

    Hashmat Khan, Louis Phaneuf, Jean Gardy Victor

    Pages 317-333

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The optimal composition of public spending in a deep recession

    Hafedh Bouakez, Michel Guillard, Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup

    Pages 334-349

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A large central bank balance sheet? Floor vs corridor systems in a New Keynesian environment

    Óscar Arce, Galo Nuño, Dominik Thaler, Carlos Thomas

    Pages 350-367

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Rational expectations and the Paradox of policy-relevant natural experiments

    Gilles Chemla, Christopher A. Hennessy

    Pages 368-381

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