Journal of Monetary Economics, November 2020

Green Table of Contents

Volume 115



The effects of a money-financed fiscal stimulus

    Jordi Galí

    Pages 1-19

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Monetary policy uncertainty

    Lucas Husted, John Rogers, Bo Sun

    Pages 20-36

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Austerity in the aftermath of the great recession

    Christopher L. House, Christian Proebsting, Linda L. Tesar

    Pages 37-63

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Bank capital in the short and in the long run

    Caterina Mendicino, Kalin Nikolov, Javier Suarez, Dominik Supera

    Pages 64-79

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Government consumption and investment: Does the composition of purchases affect the multiplier?

    Christoph E. Boehm

    Pages 80-93

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Adverse selection, lemons shocks and business cycles

    Daisuke Ikeda

    Pages 94-112

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Liquidity requirements and the interbank loan market: An experimental investigation

    Douglas D. Davis, Oleg Korenok, John P. Lightle, Edward S. Prescott

    Pages 113-126

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Price points and price dynamics

    Volker Hahn, Michal Marenčák

    Pages 127-144

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The risks of old capital age: Asset pricing implications of technology adoption

    Xiaoji Lin, Berardino Palazzo, Fan Yang

    Pages 145-161

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The real effects of the bank lending channel

    Gabriel Jiménez, Atif Mian, José-Luis Peydró, Jesús Saurina

    Pages 162-179

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Two-sided market, R&D, and payments system evolution

    Bin Grace Li, James McAndrews, Zhu Wang

    Pages 180-199

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Price elasticities and demand-side real rigidities in micro data and in macro models

    Günter W. Beck, Sarah M. Lein

    Pages 200-212

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Self-fulfilling recessions at the zero lower bound

    Charles Brendon, Matthias Paustian, Tony Yates

    Pages 213-232

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Inequality and financial fragility

    Yuliyan Mitkov

    Pages 233-248

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The zero lower bound and estimation accuracy

    Tyler Atkinson, Alexander W. Richter, Nathaniel A. Throckmorton

    Pages 249-264

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Financial intermediation, resource allocation, and macroeconomic interdependence

    Galip Kemal Ozhan

    Pages 265-278

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Money and monetary stability in Europe, 1300–1914

    K. Kıvanç Karaman, Şevket Pamuk, Seçil Yıldırım-Karaman

    Pages 279-300

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Expectation formation in a new environment: Evidence from the German reunification

    Olga Goldfayn-Frank, Johannes Wohlfart

    Pages 301-320

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Reaching for dividends

    Hao Jiang, Zheng Sun

    Pages 321-338

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On the perils of stabilizing prices when agents are learning

    Antonio Mele, Krisztina Molnár, Sergio Santoro

    Pages 339-353

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