Journal of Monetary Economics, November 2019

Green Table of Contents

Volume 107

Pages 1-128


Managing credit booms and busts: A Pigouvian taxation approach

    Olivier Jeanne, Anton Korinek

    Pages 2-17

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Investor sophistication and capital income inequality

    Marcin Kacperczyk, Jaromir Nosal, Luminita Stevens

    Pages 18-31

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Booms and busts with dispersed information

    Kenza Benhima

    Pages 32-47

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Inflation targeting and liquidity traps under endogenous credibility

    Cars Hommes, Joep Lustenhouwer

    Pages 48-62

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Financial frictions, occupational choice and economic inequality

    Lian Allub, Andrés Erosa

    Pages 63-76

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Real sectoral spillovers: A dynamic factor analysis of the great recession

    Nan Li, Vance L. Martin

    Pages 77-95

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Disagreement beta

    George P. Gao, Xiaomeng Lu, Zhaogang Song, Hongjun Yan

    Pages 96-113

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Aggregate effects of minimum wage regulation at the zero lower bound

    Andrew Glover

    Pages 114-128

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