Journal of Monetary Economics, May 2020

Green Table of Contents

Volume 111



Aging and deflation from a fiscal perspective

    Mitsuru Katagiri, Hideki Konishi, Kozo Ueda

    Pages 1-15

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Lost generations of firms and aggregate labor market dynamics

    Petr Sedláček

    Pages 16-31

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Credit market frictions and trade liberalizations

    Wyatt Brooks, Alessandro Dovis

    Pages 32-47

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Starting from a blank page? Semantic similarity in central bank communication and market volatility

    Michael Ehrmann, Jonathan Talmi

    Pages 48-62

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The inherent benefit of monetary unions

    Dominik Groll, Tommaso Monacelli

    Pages 63-79

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Rethinking Optimal Currency Areas

    V.V. Chari, Alessandro Dovis, Patrick J. Kehoe

    Pages 80-94

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The Importance of Timing Attitudes in Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Models

    Martin M. Andreasen, Kasper Jørgensen

    Pages 95-117

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Bank market power and the risk channel of monetary policy

    Elena Afanasyeva, Jochen Güntner

    Pages 118-134

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