Journal of Monetary Economics June 2019

Green Table of Contents

Volume      104

Pages 1-128



The dire effects of the lack of monetary and fiscal coordinationFrancesco

       Bianchi, Leonardo Melosi

    Pages 1-22

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The political economy of sovereign defaults

       Eugenia Andreasen, Guido Sandleris, Alejandro Van der Ghote

    Pages 23-36

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Conservatism and liquidity traps

       Taisuke Nakata, Sebastian Schmidt

    Pages 37-47

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Price competition in an inflationary environment

       Peter Duersch, Thomas A. Eife

    Pages 48-66

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Employment, hours and the welfare effects of intra-firm bargaining

       Maarten Dossche, Vivien Lewis, Cˇline Poilly

    Pages 67-84

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Entrepreneurial tail risk: Implications for employment dynamics

       Thorsten Drautzburg

    Pages 85-100

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Wealth distribution with random discount factors

       Alexis Akira Toda

    Pages 101-113

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Cross-border portfolio diversification under trade linkages

       Makram Khalil

    Pages 114-128

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