Journal of Monetary Economics, December 2020

Green Table of Contents

Volume 116



The propagation of monetary policy shocks in a heterogeneous production economy

    Ernesto Pasten, Raphael Schoenle, Michael Weber

    Pages 1-22

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Price setting under uncertainty about inflation

    Andrés Drenik, Diego J. Perez

    Pages 23-38

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Lending effects of the ECB’s asset purchases

    Michael Koetter

    Pages 39-52

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Public bank guarantees and allocative efficiency

    Reint Gropp, Andre Guettler, Vahid Saadi

    Pages 53-69

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Money and capital in a persistent liquidity trap

    Philippe Bacchetta, Kenza Benhima, Yannick Kalantzis

    Pages 70-87

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Price level targeting with evolving credibility

    Seppo Honkapohja, Kaushik Mitra

    Pages 88-103

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Price rigidities and the relative PPP

    Andrés Blanco, Javier Cravino

    Pages 104-116

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Money velocity and the natural rate of interest

    Luca Benati

    Pages 117-134

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Price dispersion and the border effect

    Ryan Chahrour, Luminita Stevens

    Pages 135-146

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Optimal capital taxation revisited

    V.V. Chari, Juan Pablo Nicolini, Pedro Teles

    Pages 147-165

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An analysis of the importance of both destruction and creation to economic growth

    Gregory W. Huffman

    Pages 166-183

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The expectational effects of news in business cycles: Evidence from forecast data

    Wataru Miyamoto, Thuy Lan Nguyen

    Pages 184-200

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Does history repeat itself? Business cycle and industry returns

    Sudheer Chava, Alex Hsu, Linghang Zeng

    Pages 201-218

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Pecuniary externalities in economies with downward wage rigidity

    Martin Wolf

    Pages 219-235

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Fiscal forward guidance: A case for selective transparency

    Ippei Fujiwara, Yuichiro Waki

    Pages 236-248

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Innovation, automation, and inequality: Policy challenges in the race against the machine

    Klaus Prettner, Holger Strulik

    Pages 249-265

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Investment without Q

    Vito D. Gala, Joao F. Gomes, Tong Liu

    Pages 266-282

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Risk endogeneity at the lender/investor-of-last-resort

    Diego Caballero, André Lucas, Bernd Schwaab, Xin Zhang

    Pages 283-297

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Economic leadership and growth

    Craig O. Brown

    Pages 298-333

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The cyclical component of labor market polarization and jobless recoveries in the US

    Paul Gaggl, Sylvia Kaufmann

    Pages 334-347

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