Journal of Monetary Economics, April 2020

Green Table of Contents

Volume 110



Identifying the sources of model misspecification

    Atsushi Inoue, Chun-Hung Kuo, Barbara Rossi

    Pages 1-18

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Price stickiness along the income distribution and the effects of monetary policy

    Javier Cravino, Ting Lan, Andrei A. Levchenko

    Pages 19-32

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Not all price endings are created equal: Price points and asymmetric price rigidity

    Daniel Levy, Avichai Snir, Alex Gotler, Haipeng (Allan) Chen

    Pages 33-49

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Economies of scope in price setting: A moment inequalities estimation

    Andrea Stella

    Pages 50-61

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Labor market polarization, the decline of routine work, and technological change: A quantitative analysis

    Christian vom Lehn

    Pages 62-80

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Mending the broken link: Heterogeneous bank lending rates and monetary policy pass-through

    Carlo Altavilla, Fabio Canova, Matteo Ciccarelli

    Pages 81-98

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Money is more than memory

    Maria Bigoni, Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari

    Pages 99-115

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Sovereign spreads in the Euro area: Cross border transmission and macroeconomic implications

    Saleem Bahaj

    Pages 116-135

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