Journal of Financial Markets

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Volume 52

January 2021


Informed liquidity provision in a limit order market

    Michael Brolley, Katya Malinova

    Article 100566

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ETFs’ high overnight returns: The early liquidity provider gets the worm

    Marie-Eve Lachance

    Article 100563

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Volatility of order imbalance of institutional traders and expected asset returns: Evidence from Taiwan

    Hong-Gia Huang, Wei-Che Tsai, Pei-Shih Weng, Ming-Hung Wu

    Article 100546

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Measurement of common risks in tails: A panel quantile regression model for financial returns

    Jozef Baruník, František Čech

    Article 100562

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The invisible burden

    Xin Liu, Chengxi Yin, Weinan Zheng

    Article 100561

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Cash conversion cycle and aggregate stock returns

    Qi Lin, Xi Lin

    Article 100560

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The economics of the financial market for volatility trading

    Xinfeng Ruan, Jin E. Zhang

    Article 100556

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