Journal of Financial Markets

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Volume 50

September 2020


Intraday market making with overnight inventory costs

    Tobias Adrian, Agostino Capponi, Michael Fleming, Erik Vogt, Hongzhong Zhang

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The information content of real operating performance measures from the airline industry

    Paul Borochin

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Social media, financial reporting opacity, and return comovement: Evidence from Seeking Alpha--UP

    Rong Ding, Hang Zhou, Yifan Li

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The yield curve and the stock market: Mind the long run

    Gonçalo Faria, Fabio Verona

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Insider trading ahead of cyber breach announcements

    Zhaoxin Lin, Travis R.A. Sapp, Jackie Rees Ulmer, Rahul Parsa

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In law we trust: Lawyer CEOs and stock liquidity

    Mia Hang Pham

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The overnight return puzzle and the “T+1” trading rule in Chinese stock markets

    Kenan Qiao, Lammertjan Dam

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