Journal of Financial Markets

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Volume 51

November 2020


Predicting the equity premium with the implied volatility spread

    Charles Cao, Timothy Simin, Han Xiao

    Article 100531

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Self-fulfilling arbitrages necessitate crash risk

    Dong-Hyun Ahn, Soohun Kim, Kyoungwon Seo

    Article 100547

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Cross-market liquidity and dealer profitability: Evidence from the bond and CDS markets

    Sirio Aramonte, Paweł J. Szerszeń

    Article 100559

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Costly index investing in foreign markets

    Alvaro Pedraza, Fredy Pulga, Jose Vasquez

    Article 100509

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Retaining alpha: The effect of trade size and rebalancing frequency on FX strategy returns

    Michael Melvin, Wenqiang Pan, Petra Wikstrom

    Article 100545

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The choice of SEO method in Korea: Rights vs. public offers

    Ju Hyun Kim, Kyojik Song

    Article 100532

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ETF use among actively managed mutual fund portfolios

    D. Eli Sherrill, Sara E. Shirley, Jeffrey R. Stark

    Article 100529

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The role of an aligned investor sentiment index in predicting bond risk premia of the U.S

    Oğuzhan Çepni, I. Ethem Guney, Rangan Gupta, Mark E. Wohar

    Article 100541

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