Journal of Financial Markets, March 2019

Green Table of Contents


Volume 43

Pages 1-136 (March 2019)


Fast and slow informed trading

    Ioanid Roşu

    Pages 1-30

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An analysis of over-the-counter and centralized stock lending markets

    Zsuzsa R. Huszár, Melissa Porras Prado

    Pages 31-53

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Do upgrades matter? Evidence from trading volume

    Jonathan Brogaard, Jennifer L. Koski, Andrew F. Siegel

    Pages 54-77

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Good and bad volatility spillovers: An asymmetric connectedness

    Ahmed BenSaïda

    Pages 78-95

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Excess comovement in credit default swap markets: Evidence from the CDX indices

    Lara Cathcart, Lina El-Jahel, Leo Evans, Yining Shi

    Pages 96-120

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Implied volatility and investor beliefs in experimental asset markets

    Lucy F. Ackert, Brian D. Kluger, Li Qi

    Pages 121-136

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