Journal of Financial Markets

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Volume 49

June 2020



Microstructure invariance in U.S. stock market trades--UP

    Albert S. Kyle, Anna A. Obizhaeva, Tugkan Tuzun

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Call of duty: Designated market maker participation in call auctions--UP

    Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide

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Google search volume and individual investor trading

    Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Steffen Meyer, Charline Uhr

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Risk premium spillovers among stock markets: Evidence from higher-order moments

    Marinela Adriana Finta, Sofiane Aboura

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Biased short: Short sellers' disposition effect and limits to arbitrage

    Bastian von Beschwitz, Massimo Massa

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Trust and delegation: A case to consider on broker rebates and investor sophistication

    Mor M. Haziza, Avner Kalay

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