Journal of Financial Markets

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Volume 47

January 2020


Price discovery in stock and options markets

    Vinay Patel, Tālis J. Putniņš, David Michayluk, Sean Foley

    Article 100524

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Trading aggressiveness and market efficiency

    Olga Klein

    Article 100515

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The network nature of over-the-counter interest rates

    Edoardo Rainone

    Article 100525

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Too much of a good thing? Speculative effects on commodity futures curves

    Sophie van Huellen

    Article 100480

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The memory of stock return volatility: Asset pricing implications

    Duc Binh Benno Nguyen, Marcel Prokopczuk, Philipp Sibbertsen

    Article 100487

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Estimating unknown arbitrage costs: Evidence from a 3-regime threshold vector error correction model

    Kristyna Ters, Jörg Urban

    Article 100503

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