Journal of Economic Theory,  September 2019

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Volume 183

Pages 1-1176


Subjective contingencies and limited Bayesian updating

Stefania Minardi, Andrei Savochkin

Pages 1-45

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Asynchronous games with transfers: Uniqueness and optimality

Prajit K. Dutta, Paolo Siconolfi

Pages 46-75

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Mechanism design with ambiguous transfers: An analysis in finite dimensional naive type spaces

Huiyi Guo

Pages 76-105

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Learning to believe in simple equilibria in a complex OLG economy - evidence from the lab

Jasmina Arifovic, Cars Hommes, Isabelle Salle

Pages 106-182

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Leverage dynamics and credit quality

Guillermo Ordoñez, David Perez-Reyna, Motohiro Yogo

Pages 183-212

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Majority rule in the absence of a majority

Klaus Nehring, Marcus Pivato

Pages 213-257

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Private communication in competing mechanism games

Andrea Attar, Eloisa Campioni, Gwenaël Piaser

Pages 258-283

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Self-confirming price dispersion in monetary economies

Garth Baughman, Stanislav Rabinovich

Pages 284-311

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Generalized entropy and model uncertainty

Alexander Meyer-Gohde

Pages 312-343

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Strategic real options

Aaron M. Kolb

Pages 344-383

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On the consensus effect

David Dillenberger, Collin Raymond

Pages 384-416

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Verifiability and group formation in markets

Suzanne Scotchmer, Chris Shannon

Pages 417-477

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A theory of sticky rents: Search and bargaining with incomplete information

Joshua Gallin, Randal J. Verbrugge

Pages 478-519

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Endogenous discounting, wariness, and efficient capital taxation

Aloisio Araujo, Juan Pablo Gama, Rodrigo Novinski, Mario R. Pascoa

Pages 520-545

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Constrained implementation

Takashi Hayashi, Michele Lombardi

Pages 546-567

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Constrained efficiency with adverse selection and directed search

Seyed Mohammadreza Davoodalhosseini

Pages 568-593

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Information aggregation in a financial market with general signal structure

Youcheng Lou, Sahar Parsa, Debraj Ray, Duan Li, Shouyang Wang

Pages 594-624

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Endogenous second moments: A unified approach to fluctuations in risk, dispersion, and uncertainty

Ludwig Straub, Robert Ulbricht

Pages 625-660

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Tail expectation and imperfect competition in limit order book markets

Shmuel Baruch, Lawrence R. Glosten

Pages 661-697

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Revealed preference and identification

Leandro Gorno

Pages 698-739

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Learning and self-confirming long-run biases

P. Battigalli, A. Francetich, G. Lanzani, M. Marinacci

Pages 740-785

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Strategic uncertainty and equilibrium selection in discontinuous games

Philippe Bich

Pages 786-822

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Monotone comparative statics in games with non-monotonic best-replies: Contests and Cournot oligopoly

Adriana Gama, David Rietzke

Pages 823-841

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A contraction for sovereign debt models

Mark Aguiar, Manuel Amador

Pages 842-875

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Intermediation in markets for goods and markets for assets

Ed Nosal, Yuet-Yee Wong, Randall Wright

Pages 876-906

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Capital immobility and the reach for yield

Alan Moreira

Pages 907-951

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Asset shortages, liquidity and speculative bubbles

G. Bloise, A. Citanna

Pages 952-990

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Selling multiple correlated goods: Revenue maximization and menu-size complexity

Sergiu Hart, Noam Nisan

Pages 991-1029

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Competition and cooperation in a two-sided matching market with replication

Marilda Sotomayor

Pages 1030-1056

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Try before you buy: A theory of dynamic information acquisition

Ruitian Lang

Pages 1057-1093

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Optimal contracting in networks

Ali Jadbabaie, Ali Kakhbod

Pages 1094-1153

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Is ambiguity aversion bad for innovation?

D. Beauchêne

Pages 1154-1176

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