Journal of Economic Theory,  May 2019
Green Table of Contents

Volume 181
Pages 1-626


Survival in speculative markets

Pietro Dindo

Pages 1-43

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Evolved attitudes to idiosyncratic and aggregate risk in age-structured populations

Arthur J. Robson, Larry Samuelson

Pages 44-81

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Frictional asset markets and the liquidity channel of monetary policy

Lucas Herrenbrueck

Pages 82-120

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Strategy-proof Pareto-improvement

Samson Alva, Vikram Manjunath

Pages 121-142

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A powerful tool for analyzing concave/convex utility and weighting functions

Peter P. Wakker, Jingni Yang

Pages 143-159

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News media and delegated information choice

Kristoffer P. Nimark, Stefan Pitschner

Pages 160-196

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What you get is what you see: Cooperation in repeated games with observable payoffs

Galit Ashkenazi-Golan, Ehud Lehrer

Pages 197-237

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The power and limits of sequential communication in coordination games

Simin He, Theo Offerman, Jeroen van de Ven

Pages 238-273

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Recursive utility and parameter uncertainty

Nabil I. Al-Najjar, Eran Shmaya

Pages 274-288

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Rational status quo

Itzhak Gilboa, Fan Wang

Pages 289-308

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Testing constant absolute and relative ambiguity aversion

AurŽlien Baillon, L¾titia Placido

Pages 309-332

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Too good to be truthful: Why competent advisers are fired

Christoph SchottmŸller

Pages 333-360

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The cyclical behavior of the Beveridge Curve in the housing market

Miroslav Gabrovski, Victor Ortego-Marti

Pages 361-381

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Robust incentives for information acquisition

Gabriel Carroll

Pages 382-420

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Evolutionary implementation in a public goods game

Ratul Lahkar, Saptarshi Mukherjee

Pages 423-460

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Directed attention and nonparametric learning

Ian Dew-Becker, Charles G. Nathanson

Pages 461-496

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The economics of green consumption, cultural transmission and sustainable technological change

Emeline Bezin

Pages 497-546

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Revealed preferences under uncertainty: Incomplete preferences and preferences for randomization

Elena Cettolin, Arno Riedl

Pages 547-585

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Reputation building through costly adjustment

Francesc DilmŽ

Pages 586-626

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Corrigendum to ÒLimited asset markets participation, monetary policy and (inverted) aggregate demand logicÓ [J. Econ. Theory 140 (1) (2008) 162Ð196]

Florin O. Bilbiie

Pages 421-422

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