Journal of Economic Theory,  July 2019
Green Table of Contents

Volume 182
Pages 1-432


An impossibility theorem for wealth in heterogeneous-agent models with limited heterogeneity

John Stachurski, Alexis Akira Toda

Pages 1-24

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Random mechanism design on multidimensional domains

Shurojit Chatterji, Huaxia Zeng

Pages 25-105

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The feedback effect in two-sided markets with bilateral investments

Deniz Dizdar, Benny Moldovanu, Nora Szech

Pages 106-142

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Market selection with idiosyncratic uncertainty

Markus Sihvonen

Pages 143-160

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No trade and yes trade theorems for heterogeneous priors

Alia Gizatulina, Ziv Hellman

Pages 161-184

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Private Bayesian persuasion

Itai Arieli, Yakov Babichenko

Pages 185-217

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Public goods with ambiguity in large economies

Narayana R. Kocherlakota, Yangwei Song

Pages 218-246

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Efficient investments in the implementation problem

Kentaro Tomoeda

Pages 247-278

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Efficient mechanisms with information acquisition

Yunan Li

Pages 279-328

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Savings, asset scarcity, and monetary policy

Lukas Altermatt

Pages 329-359

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Information acquisition and use by networked players

David P. Myatt, Chris Wallace

Pages 360-401

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From equals to despots: The dynamics of repeated decision making in partnerships with private information

Vinicius Carrasco, William Fuchs, Satoshi Fukuda

Pages 402-432

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