Journal of Economic Theory ,  January 2019


    Robust consumption and portfolio policies when asset prices can jump

        Yacine Aēt-Sahalia, Felix Matthys

        Pages 1-56

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School choice with vouchers

    Mustafa Oǧuz Afacan

    Pages 57-72

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An experimental study of estimation and bidding in common-value auctions with public information

    Gary Charness, Dan Levin, David Schmeidler

    Pages 73-98

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All-pay auctions with affiliated binary signals

    Chang Koo Chi, Pauli Murto, Juuso Välimäki

    Pages 99-130

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Stability in games with continua of equilibria

    Sebastian Bervoets, Mathieu Faure

    Pages 131-162

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Communicating subjective evaluations

    Matthias Lang

    Pages 163-199

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Optimal climate policies in a dynamic multi-country equilibrium model

    Elmar Hillebrand, Marten Hillebrand

    Pages 200-239

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The informational content of prices when policy makers react to financial markets

    Christoph Siemroth

    Pages 240-274

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Inference of preference heterogeneity from choice data

    Annie Liang

    Pages 275-311

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Ambiguous persuasion

    Dorian Beauchźne, Jian Li, Ming Li

    Pages 312-365

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Experimentation with reputation concerns – Dynamic signalling with changing types

    Caroline Thomas

    Pages 366-415
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Two-sided allocation problems, decomposability, and the impossibility of efficient trade

    David Delacrétaz, Simon Loertscher, Leslie M. Marx, Tom Wilkening

    Pages 416-454

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Bayesian updating rules and AGM belief revision

    Pathikrit Basu

    Pages 455-475

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A note on optimal experimentation under risk aversion

    Godfrey Keller, Vladimír Novák, Tim Willems

    Pages 476-487

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