Journal of Economic Theory,  March 2020


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Asymmetric budget constraints in a first-price auction

Nina Bobkova---UP

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Institutionalization, delegation, and asset prices

Shiyang Huang, Zhigang Qiu, Liyan Yang

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Costly information acquisition

Christopher P. Chambers, Ce Liu, John Rehbeck--UP

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Risk, ambiguity, and Giffen assets

Joshua Lanier

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Recursive equilibrium in Krusell and Smith (1998)

Dan Cao

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Risk sharing with private and public information

Piotr Denderski, Christian A. Stoltenberg--UP

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Temptation and forward-guidance

Marco Airaudo

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On obvious strategy-proofness and single-peakedness

R. Pablo Arribillaga, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme--UP

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A revision game of experimentation on a common threshold

Yi Chen

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Media see-saws: Winners and losers in platform markets

Simon P. Anderson, Martin Peitz

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Asymptotic stability in the Lovász-Shapley replicator dynamic for cooperative games

André Casajus, Michael Kramm, Harald Wiese

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The ethics of intergenerational risk

Paolo G. Piacquadio--UP

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Stable near-rational sunspot equilibria

George W. Evans, Bruce McGough

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A general equilibrium theory of banks' capital structure

Douglas Gale, Piero Gottardi

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Cycles of credit expansion and misallocation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Feng Dong, Zhiwei Xu

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Mechanism design with costly verification and limited punishments

Yunan Li

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Savage for dummies and experts

Mohammed Abdellaoui, Peter P. Wakker

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