Journal of Economic Theory,  January 2021


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Rational quantitative trading in efficient markets

Stefano Rossi, Katrin Tinn

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Aggregation and design of information in asset markets with adverse selection

Vladimir Asriyan, William Fuchs, Brett Green

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Pareto efficient combinatorial auctions: Dichotomous preferences without quasilinearity

Komal Malik, Debasis Mishra

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Information aggregation with runoff voting

Nikolas Tsakas, Dimitrios Xefteris

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Would you prefer your retirement income to depend on your life expectancy?

Antoine Bommier, Hélène Schernberg

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Designing referenda: An economist's pessimistic perspective

Siyang Xiong

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Information acquisition with heterogeneous valuations

Rohit Rahi

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Efficiency in trading markets with multi-dimensional signals

Tibor Heumann

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Multiple priors and comparative ignorance

Igor Kopylov

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Organ donation with vouchers

Jaehong Kim, Mengling Li, Menghan Xu

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Reputation and earnings dynamics

Boyan Jovanovic, Julien Prat

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Partial strategyproofness: Relaxing strategyproofness for the random assignment problem

Timo Mennle, Sven Seuken

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Information design in competitive insurance markets

Daniel Garcia, Matan Tsur

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The strategy of conquest

Marcin Dziubiński, Sanjeev Goyal, David E.N. Minarsch

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Hyperadditive games and applications to networks or matching problems

Eric Bahel

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Dead ends

Evan Sadler

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Systemic risk shifting in financial networks

Matthew Elliott, Co-Pierre Georg, Jonathon Hazell

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Creating confusion

Chris Edmond, Yang K. Lu

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