Explorations in Economic History, October 2019

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Volume 74


Surveys and Speculations


Social Networks in Economic History: Opportunities and Challenges

     Rui Esteves, Gabriel Geisler Mesevage

     Article 101299

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Railroads and Rural Industrialization: evidence from a Historical Policy Experiment

     Thor Berger

     Article 101277

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Were capital flows the culprit in the Weimar economic crisis?

     Tai-kuang Ho, Kuo-chun Yeh

     Article 101278

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The economic assimilation of Irish Famine migrants to the United States

     William J. Collins, Ariell Zimran

     Article 101302

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Globalization, agricultural markets and mass migration: Italy, 18811912

     Rowena Gray, Gaia Narciso, Gaspare Tortorici

     Article 101276

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Changes in the demographics of American inventors, 18701940

     Sarada Sarada, Michael J. Andrews, Nicolas L. Ziebarth

     Article 101275

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