Explorations in Economic History

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Volume 77

July 2020



    Specification and structure in economic history

        Taylor Jaworski

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    Settlement location shapes the integration of forced migrants: Evidence from post-war Germany

        Sebastian T. Braun, Nadja Dwenger

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Fiscal innovation in nondemocratic regimes: Elites and the adoption of the prussian income taxes of the 1890s

    Isabela Mares, Didac Queralt

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Education and employment following apartheid protests

    Johannes Norling

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Quantifying the impact of aid to dependent children: An epidemiological framework

    Gregori Galofré Vilà

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    How the 1906 San Francisco earthquake shaped economic activity in the American West

        Philipp Ager, Katherine Eriksson, Casper Worm Hansen, Lars Lønstrup

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