Explorations in Economic History

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Volume 73

July 2019


    Expropriation of church wealth and political conflict in 19th century Colombia

        Mateo Uribe-Castro

        Article 101271

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Displacement and development: Long term impacts of population transfer in India

    Prashant Bharadwaj, Rinchan Ali Mirza

    Article 101273

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Children’s work and wages in Britain, 1280–1860

    Sara Horrell, Jane Humphries

    Article 101272

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Labor income inequality in pre-industrial Mediterranean Spain: The city of Murcia in the 18th century

    José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez, Salvador Gil-Guirado, W. Daniel Giraldo-Paez, Chris Vickers

    Article 101274

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The making of a liberal education: Political economy of the Austrian school reform, 1865 – 1880

    Tomas Cvrcek, Miroslav Zajicek

    Article 101251

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Diasporas, diversity, and economic activity: Evidence from 18th-century Berlin

    Erik Hornung

    Article 101261

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