Explorations in Economic History, January 2019

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Volume 71, Issue 1

Pages 1-134



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Canal carriers and creative destruction in English transport

     Dan Bogart, Michael Lefors, A.E.M. Satchell

     Pages 1-24

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Effects of New Deal Spending and the downturns of the 1930s on private labor markets in 1939/1940

     Xing Liu, Price Fishback

     Pages 25-54

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Living costs, real incomes and inequality in colonial Jamaica

     Trevor Burnard, Laura Panza, Jeffrey Williamson

     Pages 55-71

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Property Rights, Marriage, and Fertility in the Italian Alps, 1790–1820

Marco Casari, Maurizio Lisciandra, Claudio Tagliapietra

     Pages 72-92

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Migration, marriage and social mobility: Women in Sweden 1880–1900

     Martin Dribe, Bjrn Eriksson, Francesco Scalone

     Pages 93-111

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The evolution of ottoman–European market linkages, 1469–1914: Evidence from dynamic factor models

     Zhuo Li, Laura Panza, Yong Song

     Pages 112-134

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