Explorations in Economic History

Green Open Access, April 2019


Volume 72

Pages 1-122


Japan and the great divergence, 730–1874

Jean-Pascal Bassino, Stephen Broadberry, Kyoji Fukao, Bishnupriya Gupta, Masanori Takashima

Pages 1-22

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Russian real wages before and after 1917

Robert C. Allen, Ekaterina Khaustova

Pages 23-37

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Budget deficits and money creation: Exploring their relation before Bretton Woods

Marcela Sabaté, Carmen Fillat, Regina Escario

Pages 38-56

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Missed opportunities? Human welfare in Western Europe and the United States, 1913–1950

Daniel Gallardo-Albarrán

Pages 57-73

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Seigniorage in the Civil War South

Bryan P. Cutsinger, Joshua S. Ingber

Pages 74-92

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Finding the fat: The relative impact of budget fluctuations on African-American schools

Richard B. Baker

Pages 93-113

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Occupational income scores and immigrant assimilation. Evidence from the Canadian census

Kris Inwood, Chris Minns, Fraser Summerfield

Pages 114-122

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