Ted Bergstrom 
Dept. of Economics
University of California 
Santa Barbara, CA 

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I occupy the Aaron and Cherie Raznick Chair of Economics in the 
Economics Department at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Here is my C.V.

Here at UCSB,  my activities  continue to be monitored by the paparazzi.  They have found me  engaged in animated exchanges with colleagues.  A while back, the cameras kept track of me as  I spent  sabbatical time at the University of Wisconsin  and at the Center for Economic Studies in Munich.
In September 2006, they spotted  me in Japan, where I  visited Kobe University.   In the summer of 2007, they found  me in
Italy, Bavaria, and Sweden.

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 Bergstrom and Miller's Experiments with Economic Principles

New!  Electronic version of Experiments with Economic Principles (co-authored by Marcus Giametti, Humberto Llavador, John Miller, and Ted Bergstrom)

Most of the experiments in out text can now be run without paper.  Professrors Giametti and Llavador have written slick software that runs on students' cell phones or laptops, which tell them their experimental roles and where they can
enter their contracts after agreeing to a sale.  They have also adopted the  experimental instructions,  warm-up exercises, homework, and some discussion for web access.  The software records transaction prices and creates  spreadsheets showing the  results of the experiment.   Check this out at   at this website.
All of this is available  at no cost!


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