Antony Millner



Department of Economics

North Hall

University of California

Santa Barbara

CA 93106, USA



I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara

I work on a variety of applied theory topics in economics, often with a focus on environmental problems.  Current research topics include intertemporal choice and social discounting, decision-making under uncertainty, the economics of climate change and other long-run global risks, and political and behavioural economics.

In addition to my position at UCSB, I am a Senior Research Associate at the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University, and a Fellow of the CESIfo Research Network.

Recent Work

Non-dogmatic climate policy (with Niko Jaakkola), 2019

Ethical discounting in incomplete markets, 2019

Non-dogmatic social discounting
Accepted, American Economic Review, 2019

Prediction: The long and the short of it. (with Daniel Heyen), Accepted, AEJ:Micro, 2019

Time consistency and time invariance in collective intertemporal choice (with Geoffrey Heal), Journal of Economic Theory, 2018.

Discounting by committee (with Geoffrey Heal),

Journal of Public Economics, 2018

Uncertainty and ambiguity in environmental economics: conceptual issues (with Geoffrey Heal), 2018.  Handbook of Environmental Economics.

Confirmation bias and signaling in Downsian elections (with Helene Ollivier and Leo Simon), 2017.

In revision, Journal of Public Economics.

Model confirmation in climate economics (with Tom McDermott), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2016

Beliefs, Politics, and Environmental Policy (with Helene Ollivier), Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2016